Monster Bike Specifications:                    
Height ; 11ft. 3in. Tall                                           
                              Length ; 20ft. 4in. Long                                       
                              Width ; 74in.                                                         
                              Tires ; 78in. Tall x 36in. Wide                               
                              Engine ;(8.2L) 502ci./500hp, 600ft.lbs.Torque     
                              Transmission ;  2 forward gears plus reverse     
                              Weight; 6500 lbs.+                                                
                              Seating ; 6 including driver                                 
                              Time to build ; 3.5 years plus additions!             
                              Top speed ; Been
50 mph but 65 mph do-able!  
 Why it was built? 1. I thought I could!                                             
                               2. Everyone said I could not!                              
                               3.Because it had not been done!                        
                               4. It was my dream!                                             
               5. Impossible tasks can be accomplished  by hard work!
                               6. To inspire ALL to follow your dreams!           
                  7. ALL things are possible to those who believe!   
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